Tioga Heritage Park and Museum

Just north of Alexandria is the Tioga Heritage Park and Museum, the centerpiece of which is the old Tioga commissary. This building served as department store, grocery, post office and general gathering place for decades and was the defining landmark in this little mill town built to house lumber workers and their families. In operation for nearly a century, it finally went out of business in the early 1980s and has been carefully preserved since then. Today, the commissary building and grounds are being developed as a museum focused on the history of central Louisiana, including the all-important timber business and the Louisiana Maneuvers, which helped train the American army for combat during World War II.

The Tioga Heritage Park and Museum is a housed in the former lumber mill commissary that once was the center of life in this community. The museum's exhibits highlight the history of the Tioga area including the lumber industry and railroad lines that carried cargo and passengers. This area played an integral role in military affairs with the many bases and camps dating back to the mid-19th century. New walking trails lead visitors around the property. Please call for hours of operation.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Tioga Heritage Park & Museum is to collect, preserve, care for, study, display and interpret the history of Tioga and surrounding communities. Making that history and collections available to the general public, local residents, public schools, researchers, and historians.

Tioga Historical Society

In July 2001, a group of concerned residents began to meet and discuss the most effective way to save the old Commissary. The Tioga Historical Society was formed, officers elected and the process was begun to become a federally recognized non-profit organization. A membership drive was initiated by placing flyers at local businesses and by word of mouth. Six months later, we had a membership of 36 and by March 2003, that figure had grown to 136. I do appreciate your faith in our organization and in our endeavor to restore this old structure.

Many of you were also raised near the old store and have loving memories of doing business there. We remember fondly walking to the store for a 5 cent coke. With each passing year, this historic building is increasingly at risk by vandalism, neglect, and public apathy. As a group, we felt that if action was not taken quickly, we would lose it completely. Though coming generations are not aware of the significance of the building and have no interest in restoring and maintaining it. Time is definitely not on our side. The Historical Society is totally committed to saving this historic structure.

2017 Officers pictured from left to right: Jeanette Downs, Treasurer, Melba LaCroix, Secretary, Jimmie Nelle Adams Lewis, President, John Dufour, Vice-President

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